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Chinas Mobile Heavyweights Defy Googles Play Store

China’s several tech giants, including Xiaomi, Huawei Technologies, Oppo and Vivo are combining forces to create a project for developers to upload apps onto all of their app stores at the same time, aiming, according to analysts opinion to defy the Google’s Play market supremacy.

xiaomi huawei and allies create own play storePhoto: Reuters

The four tech giants are going to consider everything in what is called the Global Developer Service Alliance or in other words GDSA. The project has a target to simplify the lives of developers of entertaining apps to offer them in foreign markets, according to sources familiar with the issue.

The GDSA was primarily seen to be launched in March, people with knowledge of issue said, but one doesn’t know how that will be influenced by the recent Wuhan virus outbreak.

Preliminary it is known, that the platform will initially wrap 9 “regions” including Russia, India and Indonesia.

All collaborating companies declined to comment.

Meantime, Google, whose services are outlawed in China, earned near $8.8 billion worldwide from the Play store in the previous year, reported Katie Williams, an analyst at Sensor Tower. On the other hand Google also purchases content, including books, movies and apps on the Play store and secures a 30 percent commission.

Google refrained from commenting.

Despite the fact all 4 tech companies accrued 40.1 percent of global handset shipments in the Q4 2019, according to the IDC data. One should recall, that Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi have entire access to Google services in global markets, whereas Huawei lost access for new devices in 2019 after the U.S. blocked American vendors from purchasing goods and service to it, on the ground of national security.

Chinese suppliers are trying to seize a greater part of software and services as hardware trades showed a slowdown, a smartphone analyst with IDC said.

Huawei is deviating from Google by working out its own Harmony OS as an alternative.

There is also an opinion, that the GDSA might be able to attract some app developers by mean of providing more exposure than Play store itself, with better monetary incentives, analysts said.

Xiaomi shares gained 1.42 percent, Huawei Culture securities grew by 3.09 percent.


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