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JGBs Rebound as Virus Death Toll Rises

Japanese government bond (JGB) rates bounced back comprehensively on Friday from sharp decreases in the past three sessions, as traders stayed on tenterhooks as the loss of life from coronavirus outbreak in China climbed.

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Benchmark 10-year Japanese government bond futures added 0.24 points to 152.65 in late-evening exchange. Yet, during the week, the benchmark 10-year Japanese government bond futures lost 0.22 points, the greatest downturn in seven weeks.

The yield on the benchmark 10-year money Japanese government bonds dropped 2 bps to minus 0.040 percent.

The two-year Japanese government bond yield shed 2 basis points to minus 0.155 percent, while the five-year yield lost 2 basis points to minus 0.145 percent.

The super-long zone stuck to the same pattern, with the 20-year yield skidding 2 basis points to 0.255 percent, while the 30-year yield tumbled 3 basis points to 0.390 percent.

The loss of life in mainland China from the new virus rose to 636, dramatically increasing in just under seven days, with the number of contamination at 31,161 cases.

Source: Reuters


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