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JGBs Dip as Fed Powell says U.S. Economy in Great Shape

Japanese government bond (JGB) rates plunged on Wednesday, following decreases in its U.S. rivals, after Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said the U.S. economy is strong and that the current money related approach stays proper.

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Benchmark 10-year Japanese government bond futures tumbled 0.19 points to 152.61, with exchanging volume of 21,149 lots.

The 10-year money Japanese government bond yield gained 1.5 bps to minus 0.045 percent.

The 20-year yield additionally increased 1.5 bps to 0.245 percent, while the 30-year and the 40-year yields added one bp each toward 0.375 percent and 0.400 percent, separately.

At the shorter end of the market, the two-year Japanese government bond yield gained half of a bp to minus 0.155 percent and the five-year yield added 1.5 bps to minus 0.140 percent.

U.S. bond rates skidded on Tuesday after Powell flagged that he sees no motivation to change U.S. lending rates except if new improvements cause a “material reassessment” to the present viewpoint.

Source: Reuters


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