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JGB Yields Mostly Drop in League With U.S. Treasury Notes

Yields on Japanese government bonds (JGB) largely went down on Wednesday, following overnight movements in yields of U.S. Treasuries bonds due to hopes that governments and central banks would take appropriate incentive measures to reboot economies impacted by the global spread of Covid-19.

Ten-year JGB futures gauge added 0.23 point to reach 154.62, with volume of trade of 48,640 lots. Meantime, the ten-year cash Japanese government bonds yield decreased by 2 basis points to minus 0.070 percent.

jgb diminishedPhoto: Flickr

Meantime, twenty-year and the thirty-year JGB yields lost half a basis point each to register 0.210 and 0.295 percent, respectively. The longest forty-year yield decreased by 1 basis point to 0.300 percent.

As for the shorter end of the market, the 5-year JGB yield declined by half a basis point to -0.210 percent, whereas the 2-year yield bucked the trend and jumped by 1 basis point up to -0.240 percent.

Meanwhile, yields on U.S. Treasury notes grew from record lows on Tuesday, with the key 10-year bond yield closing at the level of 0.752 percent, more than double Monday’s all-time low yield of 0.318 percent.

Source: Reuters


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