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Coronavirus Declared a Pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) has eventually declared coronavirus a pandemic after the number of cases surpassed 126,000. This is definitely not something to be happy about unless you wanted an excuse stay at home and not go to work.

Trump officially issued a travel ban from Europe to the US. The ban affects over twenty countries which are the Schengen border-free travel area members. However, the restrictions will apply to foreigners and not Americans who have been screened and are traveling from these countries. It will also be in effect for the next 30 days. All this was done in an effort to contain the spread of the virus that has created a health crisis in the country.

The numbers are alarming as US has more than 1300 cases while Germany, Spain and France have about 2000 cases. The numbers are predicted to rise unless a cure is discovered soon and Covid-19 is brought under control.

Italy has almost locked down the whole country and Angela Merkel, a Germany politician, warned that about 70% of Germany’s population will eventually get infected with the virus. With so many prophets of doom running around declaring terror, it is hard not to panic.

The effects of this virus have been felt in all aspects of American’s lives. More companies are advising their employees to work from home, universities and schools are closing down and public events such as NBA basketball matches are being canceled.

Sanders Says He Will Not Leave The Presidential Race

Bernie Sanders said that he was prepared to take part in Arizona debate with his opponent Joe Biden though his campaign is failing on the argument of electability.  

Even though he lost in the last primary, Bernie maintains that he will stay in the race and fight his opponents till the end.

Everybody was expecting him to resign but we are all shocked to see that he is not bulging. This shows that he has a lot of enthusiasm. However, all is not lost, the future looks promising. Bernie’s campaigner’s shares a video that shows Biden endorsing President Trump which means the rumors about dementia are not a conspiracy theory from conservatives.

Markets Worst Hit By The Pandemic

It is not clear how the market will be affected not that Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic. The virus has reached crisis levels. Everyone was afraid that this could happen because it could mean that there will be a recession many countries around the world.

Many people have panicked as is evidenced by the immediate market reaction. European and Asian markets were down yesterday by a small margin but the pandemic panic had not started. The US markets got a big blow with all the key indices falling by about 4.5-6%. As of today by morning, the futures were showing signs of further drop.

Some analysts believe that there will be a bearish period until the middle of summer given that the May period people ‘sell and go away’ is around the corner. The strategists also think that once the virus has been contained and the crisis is over, the markets will turn bullish again. However, we do not know when that will be.

Congress To Vote On Coronavirus Response Bill

Today, the house will vote on a coronavirus response package that will support families that have been affected by the virus. The support will be in form of free testing, paid sick leave and increased funding to food security programs. The house is led by democrats.

Nancy Pelosi, the house speaker, said that the chamber intends to pass the bill, then, it will send it to the Republican led senate. The senate is not expected to take approve the legislation immediately.

The package will come as government officials in White House are doing all they can to curb the impact of the virus. As of today, Thursday, 1274 people in the US have been infected by the virus and 38 have died as a result.

Earlier in the week, Trump made economic stimulus proposals to the republicans in senate. The proposals included a payroll tax cut as well as other policy proposals that were supposed to cushion people from the economic impact of the virus but sources say that the proposals were not approved.

Pence Defends Trump On Coronavirus Statements

Pence, in an interview by ‘TODAY” host Savannah Guthrie, said that there has been reckless rhetoric, however, American citizens should know that President Trump’s priority is the well-being, safety and health of the American people.

He said this in response to the question on whether the virus is just hype and politics. On Monday, Trump has said that the democrat party and the fake news media were doing everything possible to make the virus appear to be a huge problem.

Pence is overseeing the president’s coronavirus task force. He said that the government would concentrate on communities that have seen community spread of coronavirus. He added Trumps move to ban travel from EU is an example of how the president is prioritizing the health of Americans.

The vice president also confirmed that the virus is more dangerous than the flu and went ahead to predict that the US can expect thousands more cases.

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