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Germany seals its borders Due to Coronavirus as 100 million Europeans on lockdown

Nearly 30 years after the Berlin Wall came down, new walls are being raised in Germany, with the country being the latest to partly seal its borders due to the Coronavirus. This effectively bans entrants from Switzerland, France, and Austria from Monday.

According to the German media outlets, three of Germany’s vital borders would be closed after nearly 5,000 infections and at least nine deaths. The only exception will be for commuters and cargo.

Across Europe, apart from walls being raised, mass quarantines are being put in place to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. Other neighboring Europeans states that have closed their borders to tourists include the Czech Republic, Denmark, and Poland.

This might as well spell doom for the economies of Europe as restrictions on travel and commerce being enforced as states rush to contain the threat. More than 100 million people across Europe are on lockdown.

The coronavirus madness continues into this new week with Europe being deemed as the new epicenter of the virus. Nearly all countries in Europe have reported a case. Montenegro is the only country in EU that does not have a case so far.

In US, 3000 cases had been reported by Sunday. The end of this nightmare seems far especially now that people are getting sick through infection from each other. Therefore, travel bans might not have a lot of impact.

Most people still view it as a joke. Trump, who was accused of downplaying the issue earlier this month, tested negative.

Funeral Directors in London Come Together in Anticipation of More Deaths

Amid the ravages of Coronavirus, it seems that no stone is being left unturned; at least as far as funeral arrangements for potential fatalities from the virus are concerned.

In London, an online support network for funeral directors in the city is being established. This move is in anticipation of a considerable amount of pressure being placed on funeral services providers in the near future.

The online network is the brainchild of the London-based Poetic Endings, a ‘modern funeral service.’ According to its founder Louise Winter, she and her colleagues in the industry will make use of remote working technology to form a community that will provide an efficiently coordinated response and support each other in the coming months.

Part of their webpage reads, ‘This is a peer-to-peer resource for anyone who works in the funeral profession in the London area who wishes to collaborate during the next few months.’

Boris Johnson to hold daily Coronavirus press briefings

It seems that in these uncertain times, the UK government is facing a multi-pronged attack not only from the Coronavirus but also by critics who accuse it of its muddled strategy towards Covid-19.

This criticism has led to the decision to hold daily Coronavirus press briefings by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In his time in office, the PM has shown little enthusiasm for the glare of the media.

Johnson will seek to bolster public confidence concerning the handling of the virus by holding the first of daily press conferences today.

The prime minister has been under massive pressure to hold the daily briefings, and according to No 10 Downing Street, these briefings will go on as long as it is necessary.

These daily briefings aim at informing the public on ways of protecting themselves, and they will routinely be addressed by the government’s chief medical adviser, Prof Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser.

Global Coronavirus Deaths and Infections Surpass Those inside China

In what is looking like the turning of the Coronavirus tide, global fatalities and infections from Coronavirus have exceeded those inside China for the first time since the epidemic began.

Initially, all eyes were on China, but the ravages of the virus have shifted to Europe, Iran, and the US, and the statistics are chilling, to say the least.

According to the Johns Hopkins university tracker, global infections have reached over 87,000, while the cases in China were at 80,860 as of today.

Similarly, deaths in China have reached more than 3,208, while deaths outside China have hit the 3,241 mark. According to the tracker, infections outside China have grown even more quickly than they did in China at the start of the pandemic.

In what has turned to be the most-frightening Coronavirus story outside of China so far, Italy has been brutally ravaged by the Coronavirus with at least 25,000 confirmed infections and nearly 2,000 deaths.

Global Roundup: How Education Systems are Coping With Coronavirus

It was only a matter of time before schools and other institutions of learning became the latest casualties of the Coronavirus. With schools being a potentially fertile ground for the spread of Covid-19, cities and countries have been forced to take drastic measures to protect children and students.

New York City boasts of the largest US public-schools system. The city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, calling it a very troubling moment, will today close all the schools, sending nearly 1.2 children home to curb the spread of the virus.

 In Moscow, attendance in schools has been made non-compulsory, while Moscow universities have been urged to shift to remote learning.

 In the Netherlands, ministers decide in a crisis meeting yesterday (Sunday) to close daycare centers and schools until at least 6 April revoking their earlier announcement that they will keep them open to allow crucial staff to do their jobs.

The UK government is yet to announce widespread closure of schools, but French schools in London have closed their doors.

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