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Trump: The Wall Must Go Up!

It seems you can’t put a good man down, and President Trump can’t stay out of the news! In the latest news, the president is eager to build a wall…but wait a minute, not the Mexican wall, but an Irish wall.

Luckily for the president, there aren’t any Mexicans swimming all the way to the Irish Coast.

Trump is set to put up a wall near his Doonbeg golf resort. The rock barrier is to keep storms at bay and protect his property from rising sea levels (who said Trump doesn’t believe in climate change?)

From the recent world events, by now, we should have learned that borders aren’t that effective as we make them to be. And Mr. President, what happened to finishing one wall before starting to build another?

Wedding Trouble for Princess Beatrice

We have seen the Coronavirus is no respecter of persons, and even royal weddings are no exemption!

While functions like funerals and weddings are not happening in some countries like Italy, the UK has joined the bandwagon after preparations for the upcoming royal wedding were disrupted.

Princess Beatrice, set to tie the know with Ed Mapelli Mozzi canceled her Buckingham Palace reception.

Poor Princess Beatrice! She already had so many issues with her wedding day, including Prince Andrew’s (her father) behavior, and now Coronavirus has joined the gang to ruin her wedding plans.

Due to the disruptions, they are planning to take the plans down a notch and have a more intimate affair. Well, maybe the Coronavirus is a blessing in disguise as the two lovebirds originally wanted a small ceremony!

On a lighter note, it seems that matters are getting more complicated every day, so anyone who is considering getting hitches should do so before they run out of time.

Japan’s Deputy Prime Minister Claims the Olympics are Cursed

When it comes to making gaffes, no one does it better than Japan’s Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso, but the latest one is ridiculous even by his standards!

As speculation abound whether the Tokyo Olympics will go on due to the Coronavirus, he has sensationally stated that the Tokyo Olympics are cursed.

To drive his point home, Aso pointed out that the Olympics are affected by world events every 40 years.

Japan was to host both the Winter and Summer Olympics in 1940, but World War 2 forced both events to be canceled.

Forty years later, many countries gave the Moscow Olympics a wide berth protesting the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan.

‘It is a problem that has happened every forty years-it is the cursed Olympics, and that is a fact,’ Also told a parliamentary committee on Wednesday.

Surprise as Iran to Pardon 10,000 including ‘Security’ Prisoners

It seems the Coronavirus is bringing out a whole new side of governments that are renowned for having a ruthless track record in dealing with those on their wrong side. Iran, who have never given a hoot about human rights has surprised many by planning to release 85,000 prisoners in honor of the Iranian New Year on Friday.

What makes this announcement funnier is that over the years, Iran has blatantly ignored every call for reforms by the UN or the US. 

Whether the recent call by the UN and the US for Iran to release political prisoners from its disease-ridden and overcrowded cells after the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic prompted the release announcement, we don’t know.

But what we do know is that even countries that had taken a hard-line stance are melting their stubborn nature and doing what we couldn’t have envisioned a few months ago. 

Trump Signs Coronavirus Bill Enacting Aid for Workers and Free Testing

You can’t help but love this man Donald Trump! With every move he makes, even his harshest critics have to admit (albeit reluctantly) that the president is entirely in control.

 President Trump approved legislation that will mandate paid sick leave, plus childcare leave for some employees, expand Medicaid and unemployment benefits, and free Coronavirus testing.

The president signed the legislation on Wednesday, effectively deploying an estimated $100 billion in aid. In the meantime, the Senate is negotiating an extra $1 trillion or more to boost the economy.

Among those who warrant paid leave include those quarantined or sick due to the Coronavirus, ill caregivers. Parents who are facing school closures qualify for paid leave.

Funnily enough, the bill which was introduced by House Democrats had faced criticism from Senate Republicans, but eventually, it passed 90-8 after intensified lobbying from the White House.

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