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China’s Coronavirus Lockdown Plan: Brutal but it’s Working

After being reprimanded and subjected to all manner of criticism for introducing Coronavirus to the world and the subsequent brutal lockdown of Wuhan, now the planet is eagerly copying China’s lockdown strategy to keep the ravaging pandemic at bay.

After announcing that it was locking down Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, jaws dropped globally, and experts were skeptical. Quarantine had never been attempted on such a massive scale before in the modern world.

Nearly two months later, Beijing’s strategy has been vindicated as China reported its very first day without domestic Coronavirus transmissions.

Interestingly, other countries with ballooning numbers of Coronavirus cases have enacted similar measures, from Spain and Italy to California and Germany, albeit less strict as compared to Wuhan.

Private Jet Companies are Making a Killing as Mainstream Airlines Suffer

There is some truth in the saying, ‘one man’s misery is another man’s fortune’; at least as far as air travel is concerned.

With countries on lockdown and others shutting down their borders due to the Coronavirus, air travel has been affected considerably.

 As the mainstream airline sector continues to count their losses, private jet companies are smiling all the way to the bank.

And to make it more interesting, the jet firms are enticing more customers by waving membership cards with benefits that are out of this world.

Most of the private jet companies are reporting increased business since the Coronavirus outbreak, and if things continue the way they have been, then the sky is the limit.

Locust Invasion Threatens the Survival of Millions

Even with the Coronavirus breathing down on the planet, it seems like plagues are lining up to make life on earth a living hell.

The latest crisis to hit is the locust invasion that is endangering the food security of millions of people.

And it gets worse! Experts say that as tropical storms increase, the locusts swarms will multiply due to the suitable breeding conditions provided by the storms.

The locust swarms have now affected over ten countries in Africa and the Middle East.

According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), food security of up to 25 million people is at stake.

The statistics are chilling, to say the least. For instance, recently, a swarm in Kenya covered a region the size of Luxembourg!

While requesting for $140 million to combat the locusts, FAO chillingly predicted that the numbers might grow by 400 times by July 2020.

The current crisis is considered the worst in decades, and there are fears it could last longer than previous locust outbreaks.

India: Four Men Convicted of 2012 Delhi Bus Rape and Murder Executed

The number of people who have died of the Coronavirus in India is four, the same number as the four men executed on Friday for the 2012 Delhi bus rape and murder.

Interestingly, the Coronavirus deaths are not getting as much attention as the execution of these rapists and murderers given the potential of the virus to ravage whole populations.

But to give credit where it is due, the limelight the execution is being given is understandable given the brutality of the attack that shocked the whole world.

The sad incident also painted India in a bad image and highlighted the country’s challenges with sexual violence against women.

The death of the 23-year-old physiotherapy student, christened Nirbhaya, meaning fearless caused global outrage. Unfortunately, the situation has gotten worse over the years.

Chilling statistics report that a woman is raped every 20 minutes in India, and according to Thompson Reuters, India is the most dangerous country to be a woman.

People Completely Out of Touch with the Coronavirus

Even in these perilous times, there is no shortage of stories that make us shake our heads in wonder and forget, albeit momentarily, that there is a Coronavirus outbreak of epic proportions.

Such a story concerns Jared Leto, a singer and an actor who hit the news for being totally out of touch with the world.

After being on a twelve-day desert retreat with zero contact with the outside world, Leto got the shock of his life after coming home to news about the virus!

 And it gets interesting! The cast of a German reality production Big Brother faced a similar situation.

Having been locked in since February with no information about what was happening beyond their walls, they have absolutely no idea what is happening in the world.

But the good news is that they are the perfect example of social distancing maybe they are in the best possible location at the moment.

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