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Adios to Sports

Today, the world is divided ‘Hunger Games-style’ about whether the games will be held or not. With global lockdown coming into effect, the current drama has provided top-notch indoor entertainment for our quarantined livelihoods!

With Japan adamant that the games will go on in the recent past, they have eventually given in. According to an insider of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the games will be called off or at least postponed until 2021.

Such a step from Japan hasn’t come voluntarily; instead, it is as a result of pressure from countries like Norway, Slovenia, and Brazil on the IOC to cancel the games. Some countries, such as Canada, even went ahead and pulled out participants from the Olympics.

With no official communication, we still expect an announcement in the coming days, but the fact is that this year, sports are dead.

No Good News on the Markets

Even in these perilous times of the Coronavirus, it seems the Democrats and Republicans cannot see eye to eye. Even the looming tough times are not enough to bring them to their senses!

As the markets continued going to the dogs, the Senate couldn’t agree on a bailout bill.

The SP500 and the Dow fell about 3% while NASDAQ was just beneath the neutral point.

So, what is the bone of contention that is leading to this gridlock? Apparently, the Democrats want a people-focused plan while the Republicans are pro-corporations.

In as much as corporations need assistance, this plan wouldn’t be realistic in the long run unless they plan to design bailout packages for the population as well.

 Hoarding Done the Right Way, the Angela Merkel Way

In what we are not sure whether it is a genuine example of how folks should shop in a crisis or a publicity stunt, the German Chancellor was recently seen shopping in a supermarket.

Angela Merkel was careful to buy only a single roll of toilet paper as an answer to the toilet-paper buying madness that has hit some countries.

Now here comes the most interesting part: the Chancellor bought FOUR bottles of, guess what?  Not hand sanitizers but wine! The hard part includes knowing whether she plans on celebrating.

Or getting drunk to forget her problems considering that she is under quarantine after her personal physician (what are the odds!) was diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

Well, she learned about her doctor later, and she is upbeat about the prognosis. The best part is that she has the required ‘supplies’ to while the time away.

Trump Vows to Re-open the US Economy

In what has become his characteristic confident and bullish manner, President Donald Trump vowed to have the US economy up and running in a matter of weeks and not months!

At a White House presser on Monday, the president refused to be baited to answer whether he would heed the advice of public health experts if they recommended extending the constraining public health measures, even if they’ll be detrimental to the economy.

 He just said,’ We’ll see what happens.’

The US announced more than a hundred deaths on Monday as concern abounds with the day’s deaths entering triple digits. So far, there have been 557 deaths and up to 44,000 confirmed cases across the US.

Nevertheless, Trump focused on the positive, pointing out that states like Idaho, Nebraska, and Iowa had few cases so far.

Trump said that America ‘wasn’t built to be shut down.’

Trump stated he expected life to go back to normal soon, and when asked if the US will re-open in weeks or months, he said, ‘I am not looking at months, I can tell you right now.’

Approximately 20% of the World’s Population under Coronavirus Lockdown

In as little as a few months, the Coronavirus has wreaked havoc to the human population in ways never expected.  People who used to take freedom for granted are now forced to stay under lockdown as the world faces uncertain times due to the pandemic.

In happenings of epic proportions, a fifth of the world’s population is under lockdown, and the way things are going, that number is set to increase.

By Tuesday, Coronavirus cases had reached 378,679; nearly 17,000 have died, while at least 100,000 people have recovered.

All over the world, approximately 1.7 billion people are under lockdown, even as governments resort to extreme steps to protect their people.

All over the world, strict rules on gatherings have been enforced. All non-essential venues, including libraries, certain shops, and playgrounds, among others, have been closed.

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