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Royal Treatment: Did Prince Charles Jump the Queue to Be Tested?

It seems like being a member of the Royal Family has its perks, too, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

This is after Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, and next in line to the British throne received preferential treatment by being tested for Coronavirus ahead of lots of NHS personnel.

Such a show is a blatant misuse of power, and no one was surprised when the Minister of Health, Edward Argar, refuted claims that the prince jumped the queue.

Speaking to Sky News, the minister, when asked whether the prince has gotten tested ahead of the NHS frontline, he stated, ‘My understanding is that his symptoms, his condition, met that criteria.’

Prince Charles joins the list of world leaders who have tested positive for Coronavirus.

Conspiracy Theorists Think Gordon Brown is Calling for a New World Order

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues ravaging the world, conspiracy theorists of every shade have come out of the woodwork with ludicrous statements, most of them bordering on lunacy.

While most of their theories are laughable, the latest statement by former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is set to have them shaking with glee!

Brown has called for global leaders to form a temporary kind of government to deal with the economic and medical crises brought about by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Before the day is over, you can bet your last coin that Armageddon types will announce that it is the fulfillment of a New World Order that they have been yapping about for ages.

The former PM is remembered for his efforts during the near-meltdown of the financial sector in 2008. While this latest statement will be taken seriously or not, the conspiracy theorists are sure having a field day!

What is your take on this issue? Share your opinions with us by commenting below.

Coronavirus: US Senate Passes Historic $2tn Stimulus Bill 

After days of bickering and an unending gridlock, the United States Senate has finally passed a $2.2tn emergency stimulus package even as the Coronavirus wreaks havoc to global economies.

Coronavirus has accomplished what no other event has managed in the history of the world- prompting the most massive financial rescue deal in the history of the US.

In a rare show of unity, the Senate voted overwhelmingly by 96-0.

And on a light note, Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, while calling the Coronavirus an evil and strange disease, said that rather than hug one another, they will wave from a distance when they pass the bill.

Apart from offering American adults up to $1,200 in direct relief, the bill will form a $500bn lending program to assist businesses, states, and cities. Small businesses haven’t been left out with a $367bn fund at their disposal. Hospitals are set to receive $130bn.

At least there is a silver lining in this dark times. Americans are busy making fun of this bill in the social media sites. Nobody expected this to happen and most people are looking forward to receiving the money from the government. Some are even joking about going to the white house to pick the money physically instead of waiting for the government to send it. What is your opinion concerning this issue. Share with us below.

The UN Warns that Coronavirus Measures Could Lead to a Global Food Shortage

As if the devastation and loss of life caused by the Coronavirus are not enough, there is a looming global food crisis waiting for its turn to ravage humanity!

According to the UN’s food body, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), governments are taking protectionist steps during the crisis that could lead to food shortages worldwide.

Although there was a bumper harvest, the Coronavirus has led to a shortage of field workers.

Also, governments are resorting to export restrictions to preserve their own food reserves.

According to FAO’s Chief Economist Maximo Torero, any steps against free trade will be damaging.

He stated that now is not the right time for trade barriers or restrictions; instead, it is the best time to safeguard the flow of food globally.

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Covid-19 Infections Hit the Half a Million Mark Globally

In terms of the number of new infections, the Coronavirus has been unrelentingly stubborn, with global confirmed cases set to reach half a million cases.

According to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University, currently, there are 471,783 confirmed Coronavirus cases globally. The number of deaths worldwide had passed the 21,000 mark by Thursday.

In an expected turn of events, Italy is close to surpassing China as the country with the highest number of cases, with the US not very far behind.

In terms of deaths, the two hardest-hit countries are Spain and Italy, with 3,647 and 7503 fatalities, respectively.

On Wednesday, the US recorded its first 1,000 deaths, and chillingly, over 25% of those deaths were in New York.

  1. China: 81,727
  2. Italy: 74,386
  3. US: 69,171
  4. Spain: 49,515
  5. Germany: 37,323
  6. Iran: 27,017
  7. France: 25,600
  8. Switzerland: 10,897
  9. United Kingdom: 9,640
  10.  South Korea: 9,241

These are not just numbers, there are people behind the numbers. This is the saddest part about this pandemic. Do you think the world can avoid such a disaster in the future?

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