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Xi Jinping Urges Trump to Enhance US-China Ties amid Covid-19 Crisis

It seems that we have not yet seen the last of surprising actions brought about by the Coronavirus. Erstwhile rivals and foes are growing a conscious and reaching out to each other.

In an exciting and unprecedented extension of an olive branch, Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged President Trump to begin ‘substantive actions’ that can enhance relations between China and the US.

In a Friday phone conversation, the two leaders talked about the Coronavirus pandemic and how to repair relations between their countries.

This conversation comes amidst weeks of trading barbs and hurling accusations over the virus.

Time and time again, Trump has termed the Coronavirus as the ‘Chinese Virus’ despite objections from Beijing. In turn, the Chinese leadership has pushed the narrative that the virus originated from the US.

Xi said that working together was beneficial to both sides, and fighting hurts both countries.

It seems America’s ties with China are not going to be severed even after Trump called the coronavirus “Chinese Virus” a few days ago. Share with us your thoughts on this matter in the comments below.

The US Exceeds China with the Highest Number of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

The United States has surpassed China as the country with the highest number of Coronavirus globally, even as President Trump sought to reassure a frightened nation.

As the president was holding a press conference at the White House, news broke out that the US has passed virus hotspots Italy and China with around 82, 404 infection cases.

In his characteristic bullish manner, Trump questioned other countries’ figures and said that America’s figures were ‘a tribute to the amount of testing that we are doing.’

President Trump continued, ‘We’re doing tremendous testing, and I’m sure you’re not able to tell what China is testing or not testing. I think that’s a little hard.’

Even as Trump was pouring water on China’s testing capabilities or the lack of it, he later spoke to Xi Jinping and discussed the Coronavirus in detail.

This crisis is one of the major challenges that Trump has had to deal with in his presidency. Do you think he is handling the situation well? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Scientists Discover Bacteria that Feeds on Toxic Plastic

In a world ravaged by the Coronavirus and where there is a shortage of good news, a recent discovery has scientists jumping with glee.

The subsequent global lockdown has seen decreased devastation of the planet by humans and given Mother Nature a respite from the destructive habits.

Scientists at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ in Leipzig, Germany, discovered a bug that feasts on toxic plastic.

Interestingly, the bacterium doesn’t only break down the plastic, but utilizes it as food to power the activity.

The bacterium was discovered at a dumpsite filled with plastic, and it is the first-ever bug known to break down polyurethane.

While the findings are encouraging as a measure against hard-to-recycle plastic and polyurethane products, there is still a lot of work before this bacterium can be used to deal with massive amounts of plastics.

To nature lovers, this is definitely great news. What do you think about it?

President Bolsonaro Boasts Brazilians ‘Never Catch Anything’ as Coronavirus Cases Increase

The Coronavirus pandemic has given rise to all sorts of conspiracy theories and claims, but the most recent by Brazil’s president borders on the extreme.

In an attempt to reassure Brazilians amidst a global pandemic of epic proportions, Bolsonaro claimed that ‘Brazilians can bathe in excrement and nothing can happen to them!’

The president stated that Brazilians might already have antibodies that ensure that the Coronavirus doesn’t proliferate but didn’t offer any scientific proof.

 Ironically, even as the president made these claims, the death toll from the virus in Brazil climbed to 77 people.

He further blasted the idea that Brazil could soon be in the same predicament as the US, which has seen a spike in deaths numbering over 1,000 and over 80,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Speaking to reporters outside the presidential Palace, the president was confident things will not get out of control, saying that ‘Brazilians never catch anything and that you can see a bloke jumping into the sewage, and gets out and has a dive and nothing happens to him.’

This sounds ridiculous especially coming from a head of state who is expected to reassure his citizens and ensure that things don’t get out of control. What is your opinion about this story?   

Irish islanders Not So Welcoming Due to Coronavirus Threat from Tourists

In movies about the Apocalypse, it is common to see people fleeing to small islands for refuge, hoping to hunker down and praying that the remoteness of the islands will protect them.

This is a feasible idea in this era of Coronavirus, but if you are planning on running to any of Ireland’s offshore islands, just know that the locals aren’t as welcoming as before.

In the Islands of Rathlin, Aran, and Achill, which have been called sanctuaries on social media, locals have urged outsiders to give their towns a wide berth.

Even in the Irish Coast, where tourists have always been welcomed with open arms, a broad smile, and at times, a glass of Guinness beer, things have changed due to the Coronavirus.

As countries globally are locking down and shunning any foreigners, residents on the Irish coast have stated that tourists searching for a safe haven are putting them at risk and have urged ferry services to stop operating.

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