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Trump Paints a Grim Picture of Elmhurst Hospital in Queens

In an unusual and touching display of grief associated with the Coronavirus, President Trump was highly emotional as he described gloomy scenes at the Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York.

Saying that he has never seen such a thing in America, the president described a situation where refrigerated trucks and body bags were on the scene to cart away the bodies.

He said, ‘I’ve been watching them bringing in trailer trucks and freezer trucks because they can’t handle the bodies because there are so many of them.’

He continued, ‘I have seen things that I’ve never seen before. I mean I’ve seen them, but I’ve seen them on television and faraway lands, never in my country. When I see trucks pull up to take the bodies and you look inside, and you see the black body bags, and you say what is in there? It must be supplies.  It is not supplies; it is people.’

Trump also described trucks that ‘are as long as the Rose Garden’ and body bags in the hospital’s hallways.

Coronavirus Wreaks Havoc to Putin’s Plans to Hold on to power until 2036

Regarded as the ultimate strong-man in not only Russian but world politics, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been the poster boy for authoritarian rule and how to remain in power effortlessly.

With the Coronavirus devastating the world and dealing a blow to the best-laid plans, Putin faces a new test: Will his plans survive the Coronavirus pandemic?

During a televised address to Russians, the president announced a myriad of measures aimed at checking the spread of the Coronavirus and the growing economic implications.

Putin also announced the postponement, until further notice, of the nationwide referendum on constitutional amendments slated for April 22.

Putin has held Russia’s reins of power for two decades, and his current term will end in 2024. It is hard to underestimate the importance of the referendum to Putin, and how anxious he was to use it to secure his hold on power.

Dr Anthony Fauci: One Million Coronavirus Cases in the US Entirely Possible

Dr Anthony Fauci has been the face of hope, professionalism, honesty, and sanity amid the Coronavirus pandemic in the US. But the latest announcement from the good doctor is nothing near reassuring.

Speaking to reporters in the Rose Garden on Sunday, Dr Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases stated that ‘it’s entirely conceivable’ that over one million people could contract Covid-19 in the US.

However, the announcement wasn’t all doom and gloom as he added that extension of guidelines through April and mitigation would hopefully decrease that figure.

 Defending that projection, Dr Fauci said they were based on modeling and that there could be up to 100,000 fatalities from the Coronavirus.

 The doctor defended the steps to extend the mitigation exercise until the end of April, ‘a wise and prudent decision.’

US Stock Futures Plummet after Trump Extended Social Distancing Guidelines to April 30

If there was ever a period when the stock markets have seen disruptions and uncertainties, then it is this era of the Coronavirus. And it seems that most of the market changes are as a result of an action taken by US President Donald Trump!

One moment the markets have stabilized and the next they have stock market analysts holding their heads in dismay.

On Sunday night, US stock futures fell after the president announced that he was extending the social distancing guidelines to the end of April.

S&P 500 futures were down around 1.8%, NASDAQ futures down approximately 1.5%, while Dow futures fell 371 points/around 1.7%.

Last week, the stocks had taken a turn for the best with the Dow even leaving the bear market after rising more than 20% from the recent low.

Hungary: Jail Sentence for Sharing Coronavirus Misinformation

As the Coronavirus ravages the planet, it has become clear that there is another ‘virus’ that if left unchecked, could cause further damage and chaos.

When there is limited or no information and fear, there is bound to be misinformation and Hungary is on the verge of passing new regulations on Coronavirus, including jail sentences for misinformation.

By Sunday morning, Hungary had reported 408 cases of the Coronavirus, and 13 fatalities and the country is under partial lockdown.

 With lots of misleading and misinformation, the government fears that its efforts and response regarding the Coronavirus will be hindered.

But this bill has faced criticism from other political parties, government critics, and human rights groups, saying that the bill will ‘create an indefinite and uncontrolled state of emergency’ and give President Viktor Orban carte blanche to obstruct human rights.

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