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It’s Official: The United States is On a Wartime Footing!

If there were any doubts that we are at war, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio cast it all aside with his comments about the kind of threat that the world is facing from the Coronavirus pandemic.

While welcoming the 1,000-bed US navy hospital ship Comfort as it docked at the Midtown Manhattan Pier, De Blasio stated, ‘It’s a war-time atmosphere, and we all have to pull together.’

Also, in a symbolic show that the US is at war against the Coronavirus, the USNS Comfort glided down the Hudson River into Manhattan.

It was a show of might as the converted tanker with massive red crosses painted on its hull sailed by the Statue of Liberty, with helicopters and support ships in tow.

Mayor De Blasio Tweeted, ‘The USNS has arrived- and just in time. These have been scary times for New Yorkers, and I want to thank the US Navy for reminding us that our city is not alone in this fight.’

Another Tweet from the mayor, ‘We will fight every way we can to save every life we can.
Thank you, USNS Comfort. Welcome to New York.’

Trump Criticized for Taking Advantage of Covid-10 Briefing to Advertise for Corporate Allies

Regardless of how hard President Trump works or any measures he initiates to combat the Coronavirus pandemic; it seems that to some people, the man can do nothing right!

 Critics accused Trump of using the daily White House Covid-19 briefing into an advertising session for corporate allies.

Trump paraded a few corporate leaders in the Rose Garden, including the CEO of MyPillow, David Taylor of Procter & Gamble, Darius Adamczyk of Honeywell, Debra Waller of Jockey International, and Greg Hayes of United Technologies.

Trump praised the firms for doing their ‘patriotic duty’ and said that what they have been doing is incredible.

The critics cannot see beyond the fact that these firms are producing and donating medical equipment. Lindell’s company has even gone further and dedicated three-quarters of its manufacturing to churning out cotton face masks.

Tokyo Residents Love for Karaoke Surpasses their Fear of the Coronavirus

It seems it takes more than the threat of a worldwide pandemic that has killed tens of thousands to keep a nation from one of its favorite pastimes.

Not long after urging residents of Tokyo to give cherry blossom parties a wide berth, the governor has another problem on her hands-Karaoke!

With a rising number of Covid-19 cases in Japan, Governor Yuriko Koike has said that Tokyo’s 14 million people should put their love for Karaoke aside for the sake of their health.

Urging them to keep away from restaurants, nightclubs, and bars while citing those places as high-infection risk areas, the governor banned karaoke sessions at least until 12 April.

Although Japan’s case is nowhere near the Apocalypse-like scenes seen in countries like Italy, Iran, Spain, and the US, there has been a spike in cases in Tokyo.

The death of Ken Shimura, one of Japan’s most-loved comedians, has seen calls for more assertive and strict measures from the government.

China’s Economy Rising From the Ashes as Factories Reopen

As the rest of the world grapples with failing economies and doomsday scenarios, it is weird how China is rising from the ashes of the Coronavirus pandemic like the proverbial phoenix.

Many countries are initiating life-changing measures including complete lockdown and curfews which have affected companies and led to weak economies.

But not so for Chinese firms which are reporting a rise in economic activity as they have begun turning the corner after the Covid-19 shutdown.

The Chinese composite PMI, a tracker that checks activities across service sector companies, experienced a surge from a record low of 29.9 this February to 53.

The manufacturing and services sectors, both crucial parts of the economy, showed a pickup of 52 from 35.7 in February and 52.3 from 29.6 in February, respectively.

Also, the most recent survey of purchasing managers in China shows that there is hope, even as firms reopen.

Fresh from Medical School, Italian Doctors Fast-tracked to the CoVID-19 Frontline

It is not normal for fresh medical school graduates to be sent into the heat of the battle against the Coronavirus pandemic, but hey, we are living in extraordinary times.

Medical students are barely completing their final exams before they are sent to the frontline of Italy’s fight with the deadly virus that had decimated nearly 12,000 people by Monday.

Thousands of Italian medical graduates are heeding the government’s call for urgent assistance to tackle the deadliest outbreak of the Coronavirus on the planet.

The situation in Italy is grim, with the death toll accounting for roughly 30% of the over 30,000 global deaths. Among the dead are 50 doctors.

The health sector has been overwhelmed and under extraordinary strain, forcing the government to expedite the process for medical school graduates joining the workforce by cutting the hospital exam and increasing recruitment of doctors.

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