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Trump Asks US Pharma to Provide Johnson with Experimental Covid-19 Drugs

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump always has an ace up his sleeve. You can never predict what the president will do or say next and this has always left both his friends and foes clueless about his next move.

After he learned that the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in intensive care, President Trump asked US pharmaceutical firms working on coronavirus vaccines to help the Prime Minister.

Trump urged the Pharma CEOs to collaborate with the Prime Minister’s doctors and offer them all the assistance they require.

In the typical Trump manner, he didn’t mention the pharmaceutical companies or the treatments, but he did say that the drugs have reached London safely.

Earlier, he met the CEOs of four US biotech and pharmaceutical companies: Gilead, Regeneron, Genetech, and Amgen, sparking speculation about the identity of the firms.

While heaping praise for the his major ally, Trump expressed that Americans were saddened to hear about his condition. He also added that, ‘all Americans are praying for his recovery.’

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US Blocks Canada from Accessing Millions of N95 Face Masks

With the livelihoods of their citizens and future generations being threatened by the coronavirus, there is no limit to the lengths that governments will go.

Apart from sharing a border, Canada and the US have always been best buddies. But it seems that the coronavirus has forced many countries to no longer be as respectful of long-held alliances.

US officials have blocked nearly 3 million special masks destined for Canada after President Donald Trump invoked the 1950s Defense Production Act.

This act has given the US government ‘any or all authority’ to halt exports of N95 respirators to Latin America and Canada.

The specialized masks from the 3M factory in South Dakota are effective against 95% of airborne particles, making them a vital tool for frontline health workers.

3M had at first defied the president’s directive, warning that it would have ‘significant humanitarian implications’ for the other countries.

Then, during the weekend, Trump responded with criticism saying, ‘We need the masks. We don’t want other people getting it…. That’s why we’re instituting [the] Defence Production Act.’

Do you think Trump was justified in blocking the mask exports for the sake of Americans?

Japan Terms Sex Workers as Freelancers Amid Plans to Compensate Them Over the Loss of Earnings

It seems the Japanese government holds their sex workers close to its heart. Or at least their latest actions seem to suggest so.

Loss of income due to the coronavirus has hit every country hard. Governments have come up with a variety of plans and strategies to cushion their citizens, but Japan takes the trophy hands down for the most imaginative one yet.

Japan is finalizing a scheme that will compensate all freelancers with daily payments of ¥4,100 (£30) for loss of earnings and yes – sex workers have been included in the plan.

Initially, sex workers were not included in the scheme, but after the government was criticized for occupational discrimination, they were forced to go back to the drawing board.

Yukiko Kaname, who leads the Sex Work and Sexual Health group, said that the government’s plan encouraged prejudice and discrimination against the sex industry players.

And this week, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga informed MPs that the state would review the plan after the pressure increased.

Do you think Japan is morally correct in compensating sex workers? Give us your opinion.

China Angry After Brazil Minister Says That COVID-19 Is Part of a ‘World Domination Scheme’

With conspiracy theories about the coronavirus being part of a broader Chinese plan for global domination being bandied left, right and center, China is not so amused with the latest claim.

In the most recent drama, Brazil’s education minister Abraham Weintraub sensationally claimed that China planned and executed the global health crisis, adding that it is ‘part of a geopolitical plan.’

His tweet read, ‘Geopolitically, who will come out stronger from this global crisis?’ And, ’Who in Brazil is allied with this infallible plan for world domination?’

To add insult to injury, Weintraub, Tweeting in original Portuguese substituted the letter ‘r’ with ‘L’. The results: ‘BLazil’ rather than ‘Brazil’ to make mockery of the Chinese accent.

The Chinese Embassy in Brazil called Weintraub’s tweet ‘absurd and despicable’ and ‘highly racist.’

Do you think Weintraub was right in his actions and claims? Let us know what you think.

Coronavirus Death Toll: New York City Could Start Burying People in Parks

The situation is getting worse in New York City and now, the City might have to bury people in parks.

As US deaths from coronavirus neared the 10,000 mark, officials in New York stated that they might be forced to put up temporary burial sites in New York’s iconic leisure spots.

Across the nation, the situation at hospitals has been grim with most of them operating at full capacity. Every region is experiencing novel hotspots, which worsens an already severe situation.

New York’s Head of the City Council Health Committee raised the alarm regarding the near-full capacity of the morgues.

And council member Mark Levine tweeted that, ’soon, we’ll start temporary interment’. In all likelihood, we will have to use NYC parks for burial.

Promising that the burial will be done in an orderly, dignified, and temporary manner, he added that every trench will hold ten caskets in a line.

Tough times call for extraordinary measures. What’s your take on this action?

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