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US Strategic National Stockpile Running Out of Protective Equipment as Trump Vindicated

A few days ago, President Trump blocked the export of protective gear, including masks and ventilators, despite the fact that other countries are suffering due to the pandemic.

While some people initially called his actions heartless, Trump now has been cleared of all blame.

It has come to light that America’s Strategic National Stockpile is running out of surgical masks, face shields, N95 respirators, gowns, and other vital medical supplies crucial for frontline medical workers.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the federal stockpile was already deploying the available supplies and is now running low.

The HHS report confirms earlier reports by the House Oversight and Reform Committee which stated that around 90% of the equipment had been deployed to local and state governments.

Because of this development, do you think Trump was justified in halting all exports of protective equipment?

New Zealand’s Coronavirus Lockdown: Sex Toys Sell Like Hot Cake

Hoarding essential items has been leading many headlines during the coronavirus pandemic, with toilet paper and food items being the most-desired items.

But New Zealanders are a mile ahead in terms of stockpiling, with sex toys ranking high in their most important products.

After Prime Minister Jacinda Arden announced a month-long lockdown, Adult Toy Megastore, the country’s largest sex shop, has seen their sales triple in record time.

Maybe the prospect of a boring month indoors during the lockdown triggered the rush to buy something fun for a change?

Interestingly, a spokesman for Adult Toy Megastore said that the most popular products were beginner’s toys.

This led to speculation that with so much time on their hands, people thought it wouldn’t hurt to try something new!

The locals explained, ‘Hell, we cannot go on dates or bars, so we might as well be a little adventurous.’

What are your comments regarding this development in New Zealand? And if you’re not shy, have you been a bit naughty yourself?

Recession Looming in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2020 According to the World Bank

So far, Sub-Saharan Africa has escaped the full brunt of the coronavirus pandemic compared to Europe and the US.

Africa has had over 10,000 confirmed cases, only 562 deaths, and 1,149 recoveries.

Still, the future is not all rosy for Africa, according to a World Bank forecast released on Thursday. For the first time in a quarter of a century, Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to experience a recession.

The World Bank’s Africa’s Pulse report reported that their economy is likely to diminish 2.1% to 5.1%, a sharp fall from their growth of 2.4% last year.

The virus will also lead to output losses of $37-79 billion because of factors such as trade and value-chain disruption.

In the report, the World Bank’s Vice President for Africa said, ‘The COVID-19 pandemic is testing the limits of societies and economies across the world, and African countries are likely to be hit particularly hard.’

With Africa coronavirus situation not yet as serious as in the rest of the world, do you think their later economic repercussions will be catastrophic?

Spanish Sitcom Looks at Life in Lockdown

Now that a large part of the global population in lockdown, working from home has become the new thing.

But with that comes busloads of challenges, ranging from kids interrupting conference calls to depression from the monotony of staying too much in the house.

Quarantine Diaries, a new sitcom in Spain, is seeking to change all that by examining our new life habits and seeing how families try to make their new life as ordinary as possible.

With epic changes in the Spanish way of life brought on by the coronavirus, the sitcom aims to show a humorous side of life in lockdown.

According to Álvaro Longoria, the creator and producer, ‘We are in no way trying to make fun of the people that are suffering. The focus is on those trying to make normal life out of an extraordinary situation.’

Spain’s death toll has reached nearly 15,000 people and it has one of the most confining lockdowns in Europe.

With leisurely walks, social gatherings, and outdoor jogging banned, do you think that such shows should be embraced worldwide to keep people entertained and keep their minds off things? Or do they make things worse?

China’s President Raises Alarm Over a Potential Second Coronavirus Wave

Although the lockdown in Wuhan was lifted this week, China is not out of the woods yet.

According to President Xi Jinping, there is a high risk of a second wave of coronavirus infections even as the pandemic rages on.

While chairing the Politburo Standing Committee, where top Communist Party leaders meet to discuss current policy, Xi warned of ‘new difficulties and challenges.’

He warned that the global economy was burdened with multiple a downward pressures and the rise of ‘unstable and uncertain factors.’

Xi urged Chinese State officials to carefully watch for imported cases from abroad and prevent a resurgence of the outbreak at home, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Do you think that China’s worst days are behind, or will they see a ‘Part 2’ in the future? Reply to this newsletter and share your thoughts.

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