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A Threat to Trump’s ‘Big Bang’ Economic Grand Opening

COVID-19 is appearing to be a potential threat to President Trump’s plan of reopening the already frozen economy.

Any hope of an economic rebound in the summer now appears to be a pipe dream, especially with the devastating impact of the virus.

COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected the health system but every aspect of the economy. The virus continues to ravage all the major industries and just in itself, is the single biggest threat to Trump’s administration. Trump can’t directly order the economy to reopen under the circumstances, unless things really do improve in the next few weeks.

It’s likely he’ll have to face a fight with the governors and mayors who’ve closed down their jurisdictions.

Do you think Trump’s plan of an economic revamp will survive the test brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic?

IRS to Start Releasing Stimulus Payments Next Week

The much-awaited economic stimulus payments to taxpayers will start early next week. This is the latest news coming from the Internal Revenue Service.

Direct deposits will be distributed first and available to anyone who’s already filed their 2018 and 2019 returns, assuming they have already shared their banking details with their filings.

The first batch of the automatic direct payments will be made available to eligible taxpayers only, including social security beneficiaries.

The payments come as a relief to thousands of taxpayers ravaged by the devastating effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic and those who have recently become unemployed.

What is your take on the timing by IRS to release the stimulus payments? Were they speedy enough in their actions or does it not matter?

Desperation, Starvation and Cannibalism –  How the Global Pandemic Is Changing US Rats

One of the most extraordinary impacts of the coronavirus global pandemic is on an a rather ordinary animal – the rat.

While millions of Americans stay indoors as a measure to control the spread of the virus, the American rats are left at the mercy of weather elements. The limited or no operations at the restaurants, hotels, and other eateries that serve as the rodent’s primary food source is a source of worry and desperation for these poor guys.

In what is proving to be a race for survival against starvation, incidences of rat cannibalism, infanticide, and full-on rat fight are or on the rise. So much for COVID-19 making everyone’s lives boring.

Do you think the rats will survive the coronavirus pandemic with limited food sources available? Or will they weather through any challenges that may arise?

A Deal Reached to Cut Oil Output, a Record in History Books

One of the economic impacts of the COVID-19 global pandemic is the massive drop in oil prices resulting from reduced demand across the world.

OPEC and other allies in the oil industry have come together to stabilize the dipping prices in the precious commodity as a measure of temporary relief for the industry.

While some people criticize this move by the oil-producing countries, it is a step that will help stabilize the already downward-spiraling oil prices.

The deal, finalized on Sunday after a marathon of discussions, will see OPEC and allies cut oil production to 9.7 million barrels per day, a record in the oil production history.

For how long do you think the oil production will be sustained at 9.7 barrels per day? And do you think it’s enough? Reply to us with your thoughts!

A Possible Recession and Decimation of Latino Wealth

One of the most stable and thriving groups in the business industry is the Latino group, which currently hold a substantial amount of wealth. With no thanks to the coronavirus, they are facing its biggest threat since the Great Recession – a setback that will be hard to recover from.

Of course, in comparison to the average middle-class American, the average salary among Latinos will be pennies on the dollar. However, for them, it look a long time to get even there. And now, the Latino’s climb out of poverty being undone by the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

At the moment, hundreds of thousands of Latinos are facing job cuts, unemployment, and loss of businesses. Especially with the impact heading into crisis levels.

It’s a shame to see that all those generations of hard work can be erased with just one unexpected event.

Do you think the Latino wealth is going to withstand the economic impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic? Or is this one of those situations where the poor are destined to remain that way?

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