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Did Coronavirus Come from a Chinese Lab, an Animal Market… or Both?

The most popular public belief regarding the origin of the coronavirus is that it came out of a wet market in Wuhan, China. But now, thanks to new info from US intelligence officials, the US government is looking at other scenarios.

One theory that’s actually been floating around for a while is that the coronavirus might have originated from a lab in Wuhan, rather than a wet market, and it was released by accident.

According to Joint Chief of Staff Chairman Mark Milley, US intelligence services are taking a long, hard look at whether the virus could have originated from the lab instead.

On Wednesday, President Trump said that the United States is ‘doing a very thorough examination of this horrible situation that happened’ although he didn’t disclose more.

But both theories might be right. It’s been rumored that testing labs in China sell their experimental animals after use. If that’s true, it’s very possible that one of these poor creatures found its way to the Wuhan wet market.

Do you believe that the coronavirus, which has killed hundreds of thousands, originated from a Chinese lab and not an animal market? Or what’s your take on this whole situation?

Trump Attacks the WTO, Claims the US is Also a ‘Developing Nation’

It seems when President Donald Trump declares war, everyone is fair game.

Days after lashing out at the World Health Organization (WHO) and halting their funding, Trump set his sights on another organization.

On Wednesday’s press briefing at the White House, Trump called out the World Trade Organization (WTO) over what he called ‘favoring developing nations.’

According to Trump, the WTO has been prioritizing the more impoverished countries over the developed ones concerning trade terms.

In typical Trump-speak, the president said that as far as he is concerned, the US is also a developing nation!

One could argue that the US is a global superpower, so it is only fair that less-developed nations get priority when it comes to trade terms. How else will hey grow? But then, it is true that the US has a long way to go to meet the ideal quality of life.

Let’s not forget that much of Europe, especially Norway, sees the US as a “poorly developed” country. Recall that one Norwegian University urged all their students studying abroad to return home due to the coronavirus, “…especially if you are staying in a country with poorly developed health services and infrastructure …. for example the USA.”

What’s your take on this? Is Trump right to attack the WTO?

IMF: Asia Will Experience Zero Economic Growth in 2020

Already ravaged by the coronavirus, Asian countries got hit with more bad news with future economic projections painting a gloomy picture.

According to the International Monetary Fund, Asia’s economy will face hard times in 2020. In an Asia-Pacific report released on Thursday, the IMF stated that Asia would experience zero economic growth this year.

This would be the first time in sixty years.

Apart from killing thousands, the coronavirus has devastated the region’s major export destinations and service sectors, so everyone’s already been hit hard.

Although Asian countries will not be as badly off as other regions, this report predicts a much worse scenario than before, even during the late 90s crash, when he region’s growth went down to a mere 1.3%.

Do you think the Asian economic giants have what it takes to change this depressing economic outlook by the IMF? If so, what will they have to do?

Coronavirus: Blame It on the Trees

In desperate attempts to keep the coronavirus at bay and protect their citizens, countries are going to unimaginable lengths.

In the Indian area of Kashmir, officials have issued a strange order as part of the measures to halt the coronavirus in its tracks: chop down poplar trees, a common allergen source, by the thousands.

With millions of Russian poplar trees in the state, the authorities are afraid that the pollen might cause allergies and hay fever.

In turn, this could increase coughing and sneezing and increase the chances of people contracting the virus.

While ordering all the trees to be felled within a week, a local magistrate added that the pollen of the poplar trees ‘creates influenza-like infections, which may create unnecessary panic among the general public.’

With around 10-15 million poplar trees in the Kashmir region, do you think this order might have a massive negative effect on the environment?

Afghanistan: Ceasefire Between the Government and the Taliban Imminent Due to the Coronavirus

It is said that strange times call for equally strange measures. 

Also, in times of great tragedy, it is not unusual to see unlikely bedfellows coming together to defeat a common enemy, a possibility in Afghanistan.

In an unexpected move, the President of Afghanistan has urged the Taliban to initiate a ceasefire as confirmed cases of the coronavirus continue to rise.

Ashraf Ghani asked the militants to pause the long-ongoing war to allow health workers to combat the virus now that cases have reached 840.

According to a health ministry spokesperson, ‘We’re so vulnerable because of war, migrants and also we are a poor nation, but our good point is that we get united at times of crises.’

It would be a noble and humane gesture for the Taliban to accept the ceasefire to keep the spread of the virus in check and enable health services. Do you agree?

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