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Trump Pulls a Fast One on Cuomo

Some people cannot seem to stay down. However hard they are hit, they always find a way to bounce back.

One such man is President Donald Trump, who pulled a rabbit from his bags of tricks.

Trump stopped all critics in their tracks by playing clips showing New York Governor Cuomo showering him with praise. Yep! Once again, the President dimmed the lights in the briefing room.

In one of the videos, Cuomo stated that, ‘The federal government stepped up and was a great partner…. I’m the first one to say it. We needed help, and they were there.’

Trump’s genius move comes just days after Cuomo hit the president with a scathing 15-minute attack.

During the public venting session, Cuomo said, ‘First of all, if [Trump is] sitting home watching TV, maybe he should get up and go to work. Second, let’s keep emotion and politics out of this and personal ego if we can…’

Hmm… Cuomo praises Trump one minute, then attacks him the next. Between the two of hem, who’s the emotional one now?

Oil Prices Plummet to a 20-Year Low 

With all the instability in the markets right now, investors must be the most anxious people on earth. Today they saw to stellar gains; tomorrow they wake up to massive losses.

Investors are bracing for a disastrous week ahead as oil prices plunged to their lowest in twenty years.

The cost of US crude fell almost 20% in early trading on Monday to below $15. These are the worst numbers since 1999.

Although other factors are at play, there’s no argument that the coronavirus pandemic has brought down the demand for oil. And right now, the value of crude oil is seen as the barometer that tells how the global economy is performing.

It’s important to remember that regardless of the massive fall in crude prices, there are promising signs of gains as some parts of the economy may soon go back to normal.

Do you think that this recent slump in the price of crude oil foretells of a gloomy economic future for the world? Or should we be judging the situation by other factors?

People in Wuhan Hungry for Answers as Others Sue the Government Regarding COVID-19

As the residents of Wuhan rise from the ravages of the coronavirus, some are not content with the state of things.

Residents are hungry for answers from the authorities regarding what the hell happened.

According to legal documents drawn up by Funeng, a Changsha-based NGO, scores of people are suing Wuhan’s municipal authorities.

There is a small but considerable number of victims seeking an explanation, compensation, or a simple apology from the authorities.

Part of the allegations in the lawsuits includes concealing just how dangerous the virus was.

One victim said, ‘None of this would have happened if they had told us. So many people would not have had to die.’

Another said, ‘I want an answer. I want those responsible to be punished under the law.’

Public outrage has reached levels not experienced in many years, and this poses a massive problem to the ruling Chinese Communist Party.

With the Chinese authority’s record of concealing information from its public, do you think these citizens stand a chance of getting justice?

Kangaroos Take Over One of Australia’s Largest Cities

Even as the human population stays indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic, animals are having a field day.

In Adelaide, an Australian coastal city, a nonchalant kangaroo was spotted bouncing through the deserted city streets. The kangaroo was sighted by CCTV cameras happily jumping through the streets, although it almost got into a car accident.

While it is not unusual to see kangaroos in the suburbs, it is almost impossible to find them in the central city.

But now, with the city’s 1.2 million people behind closed doors, Adelaide has suddenly become attractive for the Kangaroo to hang out. According to officials, the quiet from the lockdown probably drew the animal to the city.

With just a few months of lockdown, animals are already encroaching on human settlements. Do you think we’ll see more of the animal kingdom take back their share of he land?

Japan’s Sex Workers Complain Government Coronavirus Financial Aid is Not Enough

As people in other professions quietly take whatever financial aid the government offers, sex workers in Japan are highly dissatisfied.

Members of the world’s oldest profession are experiencing ‘low business’ due to social distancing restrictions and public closures. With Japan now too under a state of emergency, many businesses have been closed and people have been advised to stay indoors.

To ease the situation, the Japanese government launched a huge stimulus package amounting to 108 trillion Japanese yen ($1 trillion) to cushion its citizens.

But while sex workers are eligible for the funds, some are not sure of how to access the funds without exposing themselves. And others… they claim that the money is not enough to fund the lifestyle they’re accustomed to.

Do you think that sex workers in Japan deserve more aid as compared to other professions, or are they just selfish?

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