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A Fall in Treasury Yields as US and China Feud Over COVID-19

The US government continues to criticize China over its role in the coronavirus pandemic.

The claims that China played a key role in intentionally concealing information relating to the origin and earlier spread of the coronavirus were fronted by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

While its clear that the US financial markets have taken a hit from COVID-19, the latest strain is on Treasury yields, with US government debt slightly rising Monday morning. The 10-Year Treasury note reached lows of 0.6060% and the yield on the 30-Year Treasury bond was at 1.2446%.

A Boom in Online Classes as College Campuses Stay Shut

The stay-at-home measures imposed by both the federal government and several local state governments have made it necessary for students to find others means to resume their education.

While virtual colleges have existed for over ten years now, their teaching modalities have thrived in recent days as the demand for online learning has massively increased. And not only in the U.S but globally as well.

Some schools and colleges across the states are playing catch up because of the lack of preparation and investment in the technology to enable online learning. Not to mention, parents also need to chip in to facilitate and monitor their children as they essentially self-educate.

Do you think online learning is as effective as it is with the traditional teaching methodology?

The Deadliest Day in US as States Loosen Restrictions

The US faced its deadliest coronavirus-related day yet on Friday, with a reported 2,909 deaths within 24 hours.

The report, released by the WHO, paints a gleam picture of the situation even as more states plan to open up and return to normalcy in the coming weeks. Especially considering the ample warnings from epidemiologists and public health officials. They fear the grand reopening might see the undoing all of the gains the country has made.

Do you think it is time that states to open up despite the rising number of cases and deaths from the virus?

Dow Futures Fall Over 200 Points as Plans to Reopen the Economy Are in Top Gear

The latest stock futures on Monday morning paint a concerning picture of the happenings in the market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average futures fell by 214 points, signaling a Monday opening decline of an astonishing 209 points.

The fall comes amidst renewed criticisms by the US government against China in their role in the coronavirus pandemic. One could argue that the never-ending trade war is also part of it.

Meanwhile, many states are letting up nonessential business open up, with plans a return to normalcy. The stay at home restrictions previously instituted are being lifted in an effort to reawaken the economy. So, if all things go as planned, we might see gains on the market going forward.

What’s your take on the rise or fall of the Dow? Will we see a recovery this week or will things get worse? Reply to us and share your thoughts.

Trump Kickstarts a COVID-19 Recovery Tour Amidst a Grim Backdrop

President Trump looks poised to open up the economy despite the increasing number of infections and deaths resulting from the coronavirus.

It is expected that the president, in the coming days, will spearhead new proposals that will accelerate an economic bounce-back, following months of uncertainties and stagnation.

Trump’s effort to open up the economy comes even with the increased uneasiness from different quarters, including health experts who warn of a devastating impact of opening too soon. The President’s efforts come at a time when coronavirus cases continue to rise, and deaths now passing 60,000.

Do you support the President’s attempt to open up the economy?

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