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Viral Photo of Crowded United Flight Leads to Outcry

There was a public outcry after a photo showing people crowded together with no social distances measures emerged.

Every row in the cross-country United Airlines flight from Newark to San Francisco was full, with passengers sitting shoulder-to-shoulder.

Ironically, United had sent emails to the passengers on the Saturday before the flight, promising that the middle seats would now be empty to ensure people are kept safe.

It’s also worth noting that according to the Transportation Security Administration, by Friday before Mother’s Day weekend, at least 215,000 travelers had passed through airport checkpoints.

This is the highest number since March 25. Judging from this, both people and businesses are starting to relax their strict standards.

As more people start traveling again, do you think that airlines will abandon the much-promised social distancing measures?

New York Schools Lift Ban on Zoom as ‘Zoom-Bombing’ Continues

With the closure of schools, Zoom became an excellent way for school to continue, albeit online.

After cases of sabotage by hackers on Zoom increased, the New York City School District was forced to ban the video platform as an educational tool for its students.

But now, the schools have lifted the ban after the company initiated steps to protect the privacy of students, staff, and other users.

But is this enough? Hackers are continuing to hit school-related Zoom events in other states with ‘horrendous’ material. For example at the Oklahoma State University, a Zoom graduation ceremony on Saturday was bombarded with anti-Semitic and racist messages.

And in Ohio, a board of education meeting by the Brecksville-Broadview Heights School District was held up with child pornography.

With malicious activity still going, do you think it was a good idea for the New York school system to lift the ban?

Top Trump Economic Advisers Warn About the Job Market and Unemployment Rate

Two of President Trump’s top-ranking advisers warned on Sunday that unemployment rates would continue to rise drastically as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on.

Kevin Hassett, a White House economic adviser and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, made the statements just three days after the Department of Labor reported its worst unemployment figures since the Great Depression.

In an interview, Hassett claimed that the rate of unemployment would pass the 20% mark next month up from Thursday’s 14.7%.

As US governors are considering when and how to reopen the states safely, these statements cast a gloomy outlook on the state of the country.

Do you think that further economic pain is still to come?

High Ranking Members of the US COVID-19 Taskforce to Self-Quarantine

Even as President Donald Trump is fighting to move past the coronavirus pandemic, the situation has now hit closer to home than anyone could have anticipated.

Last week, several top members of Trump’s task force on COVID-19 have gone into self-quarantine after coming into close contact with a person who later tested positive for the virus.

This includes the country’s top expert on infectious diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Robert Redfield.

With the virus reaching the inner circle of the highest corridors of power, don’t you think that this shows that we are in for rough times ahead?

Fresh COVID-19 Cases Spark Fear in China

Just when everyone thought that the worst was behind, it was made clear they celebrated too soon.

The Chinese cities of Shulan and Wuhan, the epicenter itself, was hit by a spate of new cases.

Shulan, located near the North Korean and Russian borders, had recently eased the stringent lockdown measures that had been initiated back in January.

These developments prompted fears of a new wave of infections in China.

On Sunday, the city of Shulan was reclassified as ‘high risk.’ 

According to the Chinese media, authorities in Shulan have ordered all public places, including libraries, cinemas, and sports venues, to be temporarily closed. And people were urged to stay at home unless there were ‘unusual circumstances.’

With new cases erupting, do you think countries are lifting lockdown measures too soon?

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