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Trump Confesses to Taking Hydroxychloroquine Against the Coronavirus

Just when we think that there is nothing more that President Donald Trump can do to shock us, he does it again!

Trump told astonished reporters at the White House that he had been taking hydroxychloroquine for a couple of weeks to keep COVID-19 at bay.

‘I happen to be taking it. I’m taking it, hydroxychloroquine. Right now, yeah. A couple of weeks ago I started taking it. Because I think it’s good, I heard a lot of good stories … I take a pill every day,’ Trump admitted to the reporters.

Hydroxychloroquine is currently approved as a treatment against malaria, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus.

The latest revelation by Trump is nothing short of sensational, given that the Food and Drug Administration had warned the population against taking the drug.

Knowing the FDA’s warning that the drug can cause cardiac trauma and heart rate irregularity,  do you think that the President should be taking this risk?

Trump Warns of a Permanent Withdrawal of Funding for the WHO

Last month, President Donald Trump temporarily halted U.S funding to the World Health Organization.

Now, on Monday, in a letter to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, Trump threatened a permanent withdrawal of support for the health body.

…that is unless the WHO commits to significant substantive improvements in the next month.

Writing with the official White House letterhead, Trump said that he couldn’t allow U.S taxpayers to finance the WHO, ‘who in its present state, is so clearly not serving America’s interests.’

Previously, the US donated about $400-500 million to the WHO annually.

According to Trump, the WHO has perfected ‘political gamesmanship’ by being ‘inexplicably against my closing of the United States border’ while at the same time applauding China’s strict domestic travel restrictions.

With over 318,000 COVID-19 deaths as of Monday evening and no vaccine yet, do you think denying the WHO its much-needed funding is a wise idea?

China Offers Money to Farmers to Stop Breeding Exotic Animals

It is widely believed that COVID-19 originated from a wild animal wet market in Wuhan, China.

Not everybody believes this but the latest development from two provinces in China lends credence to the wet market theory.

Now, in both the Hunan andJiangxi provinces, authorities have promised to buy out the breeders for the very first time. Authorities are offering cash to farmers in an attempt to stop the sales of exotic animals.

Breeders are given 120 Yuan ($16) per kilogram of king rattlesnake, cobra, or rat snake. Meanwhile, a kilo of bamboo rat will yield 75 Yuan while the civet cat (which was believed to have transmitted Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) to humans nearly twenty years ago) will fetch 600 Yuan.

By assisting the farmers in transitioning to alternative means of earning their livelihoods,  authorities are urging them to rear other animals or produce herbal medicines and tea.

This may seem like a good deal but in 2018, breeders realized revenues of 10 billion Yuan.

Considering the massive amounts the breeders earn, do you think they will embrace the buyout offer in the end?

California Relief for Undocumented Migrants Is Overcome by Demand on the First Day

Last month, California Governor Gavin Newsom initiated a program to give undocumented workers $500 each or $1,000 per household as a means of monetary support.

As the first U.S state to set funds aside to help undocumented migrants encountering financial challenges, California’s action was lauded countrywide.

Because of these immigrants’ immigration status, they are not eligible for unemployment benefits or stimulus checks. But the governors couldn’t have predicted the gravity of the situation till the day of the launch.

Immediately after the fund was launched on Monday, overwhelming demand caused California’s COVID-19 relief website to crash for several hours due to too many calls.

The site stayed down for the rest of the morning.

What do you think about Governor Newsom’s action to help undocumented immigrants?

Number of Americans Requiring Mortgage Relief Is Reducing

As COVID-19 wreaks havoc on American family finances, mortgages of around 4.1 million borrowers have been reduced or paused.

According to the most current weekly survey, courtesy of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), the number of Americans requiring such assistance is reducing.

Between May 4 and 10, the number of mortgages in forbearance climbed from 7.91% to 8.16% – the smallest growth since March 16. New appeals for relief also fell as compared to the prior week.

The greatest percentage of loans in forbearance by investor type went to Ginnie Mae loans, accounting for 11.26% of the total.

Additionally, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae loans climbed from 6.08% to 6.25%.

These figures come from the fifth consecutive survey by the MBA. Keeping in mind the trend, what do you think this implies for the U.S economy? Reply to us with your comments.

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