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Rio de Janeiro’s Trans Sex Workers Facing Turbulent Times

Life as a transgender in Brazil has never been easy. But when you are a transgender sex worker in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, the odds get overwhelmingly stacked against you.

With social distancing measures making the streets of Rio almost deserted, severe challenges have come up for the city’s sex workers.

The empty streets, the closed shops, and the fallen economy have seen their clients melt away. And with that, their income have faded away too.

In Brazil, prejudice has driven many transgender people into the sex trade despite the country having the highest rate for murder of transgender people in the world.

Keeping in mind the dangers facing transgender people and the loss of income, shouldn’t government, civil society organizations, and transgender movements do more to support them?

Oil Drilling on Federal Land to Get Royalty Waivers

Businesses that drill oil on federal land are laughing all the way to the bank as solar, and wind-power firms lose.

In a move that aims to cushion the crumbling of many oil firms, President Trump’s administration has begun reducing royalty payments for these companies. In addition, the government will suspend leases for the oil dealers.

This means that solar and wind generators will be on the losing end of this development, especially those who will have retroactive rent imposed on them.

These moves are classically Trump-ish, who once said he doesn’t want ‘to lose our great oil companies’ to COVID-19 as he belittled wind turbines and slapped tariffs on solar panels.

Considering that wind and solar power contribute significantly to the national power grid, do you believe was this a wise move? Reply to us with your thoughts.

Trump Threatens States That Allow Malign Mail Balloting

On Wednesday, President Trump continued his offense to discredit mail balloting, questioning its integrity.

In the same breath, Trump threatened to halt federal funding to two battleground states as a defensive response to their plans to introduce voting by mail.

The President termed the plans by Nevada and Michigan as illegal while claiming that Michigan’s ‘rogue’ secretary of state was planning to mail ballots to all the voters without federal approval.

Trump later rescinded the statement and said that there was no need to withhold federal funding.

However, he didn’t take back his words that the two states were initiating measures that were bound to encourage voter fraud.

Do you think the Michigan Secretary of State possesses the legal authority to mail ballot applications to all voters? 

South Korean FC Slapped with Penalty for Packing Stadium with Sex Dolls

A move that has left people shaking their heads in shame: one South Korean football club packed its empty stadium with sex dolls on Sunday as a means of recreating a ‘live audience.’

FC Seoul filled the stadium seats with the dolls and blamed the sellers for duping them as ‘premium mannequins.’

Unfortunately, the club was fined 100 million won ($81,454), a record-breaking amount in the history of the league.

According to the league’s disciplinary committee, it reached the hefty penalty after considering ‘the seriousness of this incident caused by the “real doll,” which has enormously humiliated and hurt female and family fans that supported K League.’   

The committee continued to say that the team ‘could have easily spotted the dolls use with common sense and experience.’ 

Do you believe that the club was unaware that it had filled the stadium with sex mannequins or was it a publicity stunt gone wrong?

Barbers Fined for Cutting Hair in Protest

Violating the governor’s stay-at-home orders comes with a price – as barbers in Lansing, Michigan, found out.

In solidarity, the hair stylish pros have decided to offer free cuts on the Capitol Building’s lawn with complete disregard of Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer orders regarding COVID-19.

The demonstrations were inspired by Karl Manke, a 77-year-old barber who ignored the Governor and opened his shop with the assistance of armed militia earlier this month.

Unfortunately, some of them were ‘cited for disorderly conduct’ and ordered to pay a fine or spend 3 months in jail.

In a sly move, the organizers of the protests promised to pay the fines with cash raised on GoFundMe. Given the purpose of the site, this is a smart move, as it will further show support for their cause.

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