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Did Trump Decline to Wear a Mask in Michigan – Again?

Once again, President Trump refused to wear a protective mask during a visit to the Ford manufacturing plant on Thursday. Or so it seemed.

According to him, he actually DID wear a mask during his visit, since it was mandatory. After all, the Ford Company had requested that the President wear a mask. And the Democratic governor of Michigan also issued an executive order requiring people to wear protective masks in public.

So he did as told, but took it off before the press could get the “pleasure” of taking a photo of him in one.

But the press had a field day anyway. They mentioned the irony, as the plant has been manufacturing face masks and ventilators for use as COVID-19 PPE.

Never the one to lose in any debate, Trump insisted that he had worn a mask in another part of the plant ‘where they preferred it.’

In his usual macho style, the President said that it was ‘unseemly or unpresidential’ to be seen in a mask.

What do you think about Trump’s statement that the mask matter more symbolic than a lead-by-example his critics have long been advertising?

Nearly Two-and-a-Half Million Americans Filed for Unemployment Last Week

In the last week alone, 2.4 million Americans filed for unemployment claims in what is rapidly becoming a catastrophe.

This number brings the total number in nine weeks to 38.6 million.

Consequently, on Thursday, the Trump government, powerful lobbyists from the corporate sector and ranking Republicans raised fresh opposition to extending benefits for jobless people.

These threats came after the United States made the latest unemployment figures public.

It is possible that unless legislators act before the end of July, jobless Americans are looking at considerable cuts to their weekly checks.

Already, the current economic hardship matches the Great Depression in severity. If the pandemic persists, do you think that this will be the worst financial crisis the U.S has ever seen?

U.N. Denies Claims of Using COVID-19 to Promote Abortion

The United States has sensationally accused the United Nations of intimidating countries that are ‘committed to the right to life.’

In its allegations, the U.S said that the global body is using COVID-19 to coerce or intimidate these countries into promoting abortions.

These claims concern a $6.7 billion U.N effort to assist its operations.

According to the acting administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), John Barsa, ‘the U.N. should not use this crisis as an opportunity to advance access to abortion as an ‘essential service.’

The Director continued to say that the U.S stands with countries that have pledged to protect the unborn.

In response, the U.N spokesman Stephane Dujarric termed the allegations as false.

He said that the U.N supports health care that prevents millions of women from dying during pregnancy and childbirth.

He also added that the body protects people from sexually transmitted infections, including HIV; and it doesn’t seek to override any national laws.

Folk Singer Laura Marling ‘Geo-Blocked’ Concert Sells Out

In the era of COVID-19 and the resultant restrictive measures, live stadium shows and tours are a no-no for musicians.

Desperate times call for drastic measures, and geo-fencing virtual concerts are the latest phenomenon to hit the entertainment industry.

In simple terms, this model ensures that a live-streamed performance can only be accessed by viewers in a particular geographic location. It is argued that this give fans a more intimate and exclusive feeling as compared to live-streamed broadcasts.

Last week, Laura Marling became the first-ever significant performer to announce a geo-blocked concert for her North American fans only.

All 1,500 tickets sold out within days.

As a testament to how successful the concert was, Marling has a second show lined up exclusively for her European Union and United Kingdom fans.

Do you think business models such as geo-fenced concerts are the future of entertainment as long as COVID-19 is with us?

Lutherans and Catholics in Minnesota to Defy Governor and Reopen Churches

People are growing weary of restrictions imposed by U.S governors and defiance is now the new norm.

On Thursday, via a conference-call press conference, leaders in charge of two of Minnesota most prominent faith groups announced plans to reopen their churches on May 26.

Reverend Lucas Woodford, presiding over the Minnesota South District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and Archbishop Bernard Hebda, Minnesota Catholic leader, stated that earlier in the pandemic, they were okay with the measures.

However, the two leaders said that they could not be party to gathering restrictions for churches that, ‘surpass those affecting places such as the Mall of America.’

According to the faith leaders, ‘it is extreme and prejudicial to put religious gatherings in a reopening category similar to that of tattoo parlors or hair salons.’

Do you agree?

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