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Treasury Mailed Over a Million Checks to Dead People

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on Americans and their finances.

Fortunately, the federal government stepped in and initiated coronavirus stimulus payments and they have been a godsend to millions of Americans.

But the program has had its fair share of drama after some stimulus payments worth almost $1.4 billion were sent to nearly 1.1 million dead people.

This is according to a Thursday report by Congress’s independent watchdog.

The report was presented by the Government Accountability Office, which is an independent investigative body that reports to Congress, as part of a detailed report on the almost $3 trillion in COVID-19 relief spending.

Do you think this was a deliberate error or an honest mistake?

Large Explosion Near Iran Military Base Linked to Nuclear Tests

Authorities in Iran are investigating a massive explosion east of Tehran on Friday.

What makes this interesting is that the blast occurred close to a military base that allegedly had a role in Iran’s past nuclear testing activities.

According to footage that has emerged, there was a massive bright light lighting up the capital city’s sky.

Witnesses to the event confirmed that the explosion came from Parchin, which is a major military base.

In response, Davoud Abdi, the Defence Ministry spokesman, said that the explosion occurred at a gas storage facility in a ‘public area’ of Parchin and not the military site.

Parchin hosts a sprawling military facility where, in the early 2000s, Iranian technicians allegedly tested explosive components for a nuclear warhead.

Also, in 2004, the base was suspected of being damaged by an explosion, but investigations by the International Atomic Energy Agency were frustrated.

Do you believe that this is an innocent gas storage explosion or is there more to it than meets the eye?

NZ Supermarket First to Sell Menstrual Products with Period’ Label

For shoppers of Countdown, a New Zealand supermarket chain, euphemistic language such as ‘sanitary’ to refer to menstrual products will be a thing of the past.

In the past, products such as menstrual cups, tampons, and pads have been described with words such as ‘feminine hygiene.’

But now, the chain of supermarkets will be the first globally to use the word ‘period’ on the items.

According to Countdown’s spokesperson, Kiri Hannifin, no other retailer, local or international, has ever used this word to describe menstrual products.

Hannifin continued to say that, ‘words like personal hygiene and sanitary products give the impression that periods, which are an entirely natural part of life, are somehow something to hide to yourself, or that they’re unhygienic. They absolutely aren’t, and we can play an important role in helping change that.’

In addition, products previously categorized as ‘intimate hygiene’ products will now be known as ‘genital washes and wipes.’

These changes come in the wake of a government policy to offer free period products to all high schools in New Zealand.

Do you think that this is a good idea to demystify ‘periods’?

White House COVID-19 Task Force Is Back

After almost two months without public meetings that Americans have gotten used to, the COVID-19 task force is set to hold a meeting.

According to a White House statement on Thursday, the team led by Vice President Mike Pence plans to hold a briefing today, on Friday morning.

The news comes as lots of U.S states are experiencing a resurgence of coronavirus cases.

This public meeting is set to take place at the Department of Health and Human Services, according to the White House schedule.

The American Unemployment Situation at a Glance

Last week, 1.5 million Americans applied initially for unemployment claims, short of the 1.3 million figure economists had predicted.

Although the American job crisis is still a national threat, first-time unemployment benefits claims have fallen in all reports in the last three months.

What is clear is that the present COVID-19 recession is highly contradictory. As the U.S labor market improves, the path to recovery is long and filled with obstacles.

Next week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics will release the June jobs report that is expected to state the addition of an extra 3 million jobs to the U.S economy.

In essence, this will bring the rate of joblessness down to 12.2%, which is still higher than during any stage of the financial crisis or even the early 1980s recession. 

Even with all the progress made, what worries economists more is the resurgence of infections across the nation.

Since the middle of March, 47.3 million Americans have applied for first-time joblessness benefits.

Do you think that this number will rise if the spike in infections is not checked?

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