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China Angered by UK for Giving Hong Kong Citizens Residency

China has protested that the UK shouldn’t give residency to Hong Kong residents who are fleeing from a harsh security law.

This is after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson affirmed that the UK would stand by its promise to offer around 3 million residents of Hong Kong British National (Overseas) status.

This gives the ‘Hong Kongers’ the right to settle in the UK.

According to the Chinese ambassador in the UK, Liu Xiaoming, the offer from the UK goes against international law.

Xiaoming also stated that that act would violate the agreement between China and the UK, calling the western power’s criticism of the security legislation as ‘irresponsible and unwarranted’.

In response, the diplomat said that China would take corresponding measures to halt any such move.

Hong Kong was a British colony before China took over. Do you think this fact gives the UK the right to take an interest in this issue?

Amsterdam’s Red Light District Reopens but No Kissing Allowed

After an extended shutdown caused by COVID-19, Amsterdam’s popular red-light district is now open for business.

All brothels in the Netherlands were shut down in Mid-March. Although the expected reopening date was slated for September, a drop in coronavirus cases has brought this date forward.

Nevertheless, it will not be business as usual as there are new measures that clients might find not to their liking.

For instance, there will be no kissing since this can spread the virus easily.

Other measures include washing hands and disinfecting, plus washing the sheets after every ‘appointment’.

Prostitution has been lawful in the Netherlands since 2000, and sex workers are registered as taxpayers.

With approximately 7,000 tax-paying sex workers operating in Amsterdam, guess it was only a matter of time before the authorities allowed them back to ‘work’.

The US Stalls the Return of Diplomats to China

Five months ago, the US evacuated 1,300 American diplomats and their families from China due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Subsequently, there were plans for the diplomats to return to China later this month.

But the plans have come to a grinding halt after US authorities postponed the flights for diplomats.

It is believed that this impasse is as a result of a lack of understanding regarding issues such as quarantine and coronavirus testing.

It is worthy to note that relations between China and the US; the largest global economies are at an all-time low in decades.

Do you think that the way in which the Chinese handled the pandemic and the recent Hong Kong security law is the cause of this latest stand off?

McDonald’s Postpones Reopening for Another Three Weeks

Weeks ago, there were signs that the COVID-19 pandemic was slowing down and McDonald’s was highly optimistic about reopening of its dine-in services.

Now, the popular food chain that boasts of 40,000 restaurants in the United States is not so sure.

In a Wednesday memo, McDonald’s stated that it would wait for three more weeks before reintroducing dine-in services.

At the same time, around 2,200 venues that had already resumed their dine-in services wouldn’t have to shut the service unless asked by local authorities.

This decision comes as some states are reintroducing COVID-19 related restrictions and doing away with indoor dining for the second instance this year. While in other states, there were plans to reopen dining areas with limited seating arrangements by early July, but the plans are now off the table.

New Zealand’s Health Chief Steps Down After Repeat Blunders

It seems that some people can’t avoid getting into embarrassing political blunders that they shouldn’t be making in the first place.

Such is New Zealand’s Health Minister, David Clark, who, given the nature of his office, really shouldn’t be involved in the scandals he’s now infamous for.

Some of his blunders include breaking stay-at-home rules to visit the beach and laying blame on Ashley Bloomfield, the Director-General of Health for issues at the border.

Clark had offered to resign in April, but the Prime Minister had refused, saying that it would lead to a ‘massive disruption’ in the medical sector.

Now, following a sequence of gaffes, the minister has finally tendered his resignation. Apparently, he’s become too much of an embarrassment at this point.

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