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China and India Agree to De-escalation Measures

On Friday, China and India reported that they had agreed to de-escalate renewed hostilities on their mutual Himalayan border.

They also said that they had ‘taken steps to restore peace and tranquility’ following a high-level diplomatic meeting in Moscow.

The Moscow meeting involved Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar and Chinese State Councillor Wang Yi.

Both parties agreed on a five-point consensus, including a deal that ‘troops from both sides should quickly disengage and ease tensions.’

Both foreign ministers agreed that the present scenario on the border doesn’t favor either side, with Jaishankar telling Wang that the ‘immediate task would be for troops to step back from the areas of friction so that things do not get worse.’

Wang, on the other hand, told Jaishankar the ‘imperative is to immediately stop provocations such as firing and other dangerous actions that violate the commitments made by the two sides.’

In June, a frontier skirmish resulted in the death of 20 Indian soldiers and an unspecified number of Chinese casualties.

Do you agree that the world can now breathe a sigh of relief, considering that both nations have nuclear weapons and that the situation could’ve quickly escalated into something worse?

Lufthansa to Eliminate Largest Planes in Fleet Shakeup

The COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly the greatest enemy that the airline industry has ever faced, and Deutsche Lufthansa AG is the latest carrier to feel the brunt.

Lufthansa has plans in motion to get rid of its most massive passenger jets as it enhances fleet cuts. 

The airline is seeking to retire the remaining Airbus SE A380 double-deckers, older Boeing Co. 747-400 jets, and most of the smaller A340s and culling its narrow-body airplanes that serve longer routes.

The fleet reduction would exceed the 100-aircraft cut so far made public by Lufthansa, and employment losses would surpass the 22,000-mark that the airline had predicted.

Don’t you think that it is sad that Europe’s largest airline is cutting down on its highly sustainable routes and depending on €9 billion ($11 billion) in state aid to stay afloat?

#CancelNetflix Campaign Gathers Momentum over ‘Cuties’

On Thursday, thousands of people called for a Netflix boycott over the way young stars were portrayed in the French film Mignonnes (aka “Cuties”).

The protestors were angry that the underaged actors were depicted in a sexualized way.

The film was directed by Maimouna Doucoure, a French-Senegalese director, and began streaming on September 9.

A day later, over 20,000 tweets having the hashtag #CancelNetflix became the leading trending topic.

Interestingly, Netflix went ahead and released the film in French theaters even after a wave of criticism that hit in August led to a withdrawal of the ‘inappropriate artwork used to promote the film.’A Netflix spokesperson stated that ‘Cuties is a social commentary against the sexualization of young children’ but still apologized for having used ‘inappropriate’ images.

India’s Reliance Refutes Plans for Amazon Mega-Deal

On Thursday, Indian giant Reliance refuted reports that it wanted to dispose of a $20-billion stake in its retail business to American rival Amazon.

Analysts say that such a deal could upend India’s highly lucrative e-commerce industry.

According to unconfirmed reports, Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in Asia, owns Reliance and has offered Amazon a 40% stake in RRVL, its retail subsidiary.

If the deal was real, it could have been the most significant for India and Amazon, shaken up the Asian country retail sector, and also changed the relationship between the two companies that have been locked in a frenzied rivalry for months.

Reliance has been involved in fierce competition with Walmart-backed Flipkart and Amazon for India’s online market through JioMart, its digital platform.

Don’t you think that these reports are highly suspect, considering that Reliance stocks rose by over 7% in Mumbai after they came to light?

Alcohol-Fueled Party May Have Caused Mauritius Oil Spill

On Friday, the Japanese operator of the ship guilty of leaking oil off the coast of Mauritius promised to part with at least $9.4 million to fix the spill’s devastation.

In a statement, Mitsui OSK Lines stated that ‘it planned to contribute a total fund of about one billion Japanese yen over several years to support measures to restore the marine environment.’

The steps include establishing an environment recovery fund and managing coral and mangrove protection projects with local NGOs and experts.

Mitsui OSK Lines operates the MV Wakashio, which ran aground off Mauritius’ coast on July 25, loaded with 4,000 tons of fuel that began leaking into the country’s coral-filled, pristine waters.

Over 1,000 tons are believed to have seeped from the ship and into the mangrove trees.

In a press briefing, Junichiro Ikeda, Mitsui, OSK Lines President, apologized, ’This is an accident that impacts people’s lives. It’s natural we take social responsibility.’

As Mauritian authorities continue with investigations, an unnamed judicial official said that the accident might have been caused by an alcohol-fueled birthday party on board.

What are your thoughts about this claim?

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