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The Biggest Tech IPO In Years

In just a few more hours, we’ll finally hear President Trump’s decision on TikTok’s verdict for remaining in the US. 

To sweeten the deal, ByteDance has announced an IPO on the US stock exchange of the global TikTok brand, while Oracle will own 20% stake in the global brand. Supposedly, Walmart will have stake too, but this has yet to be verified.

It’s clear ByteDance just wants this over with and is playing nice to get to stay in the US. The company barely batted an eye and agreed to the laundry list of revisions the Treasury Department sent on Wednesday as a part of the TikTok/Oracle deal.

If TikTok IPOs globally, it’ll be one of the largest tech public offerings we’ve seen in years. 

One thing is certain – Trump isn’t willing to let ByteDance remain the majority stakeholder in the company, which is why we’re seeing Oracle take over one-fifth of the company’s stake and probably why the Microsoft deal didn’t win. Microsoft was going to acquire all of TikTok’s assets in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. And if ByteDance has to hand over most of their US stake already, they want to hold onto the rest everywhere else. 

We’ll keep you posted on what Trump finally decides and any imperative updates. If you’re betting on the clock… whoops, ‘Tok… get ready because that IPO will surely happen by Q2 of 2021.

The Escape You’ve Been Waiting For

International digital nomad life is now yours (yes, even with COVID-19). No, you don’t have to worry about six or twelve week long visas, either. Some countries are offering applications for remote workers to live and work for up to one year.

Where to? Take your pick from Anguilla, Barbados, Bermuda, Georgia, Estonia, or Croatia (coming soon), to name a few.

Anguilla’s only had three COVID-19 cases to date and only costs $1,000 to stay for three months. Barbados is offering year-long work visas called the “12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp” and you can even leave and come back during that time. Plus, there’s free WiFi across the island, you can send your kids to private schools or pay to put them in public school.


Feeling called towards Europe? Georgia has their “Remotely from Georgia” plan that lets workers stay 360 days without a visa and only a $2,000 minimum required salary. A short lil’ 12- day quarantine is required, but after that you can be sitting in between Europe and Asia living like a king for dirt cheap.

Thinking about taking your remote work offshore? Where would you head from the above list? Hit reply so we can send you a postcard.

Get Ready to Be Fast AF

Only if you’re in Los Angeles, of course. 

FastAF is a new app for consumers launched by Darkstore, the tech fulfillment company for e-commerce companies. Darkstore currently works with Nike, Levis and Adidas so they can offer customers same day delivery. They’re in 283 cities so far and now FastAF is letting consumers have the same delivery service.

It’s like the DoorDash of e-commerce, which, speaking of, FastAF is partnered with them for the delivery side of things, and a different company handles returns. 

Yup, returns, which are normally a slow AF process, will be just as speedy as delivery. Masks, soap, sneakers, hand sanitizer, you name it… FastAF has it as long as you’re willing to pay the fee.

Not in LA? No worries. FastAF is scheduled to hit San Francisco and NYC in the near future.

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