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It’s a Real Life CEO Confessional

Once again, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO), Sundar Pichai (Alphabet CEO), and Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) are headed for Congress’s confessional to voluntarily testify on October 28th over social media regulation.

Don’t think they’re being sweet and innocent by voluntarily testifying, either. Congress agreed last Thursday to go through the subpoena process, so the CEOs are just avoiding that.

What are they going over now?

Section 230, which protects social media companies from being liable for what users post. It also lets each company make their own, individual moderation rules and is basically the freedom of speech law for the internet.

What’s the issue?

Senate Dems want these companies to be stricter with getting rid of hate speech and fake news and even President Donald Trump wants to control how they moderate political speech.

What do Republicans think? They claim several social media platforms have anti-conservative bias, even though Twitter claims it’s nullified by research.

Sigh, the saga continues…

Will it ever end? Do you see the government ever being at peace with our social media giants? Hit reply and give us your two cents.

WFH Needs a Home

You’re dealing with it, we’re all dealing with it. There’s no water cooler when you and all your employees are remote. There’s no stealing co-workers lunches, going out for drinks after work, or staying after hours, sweating bullets side-by-side as you meet a deadline.

Living on our computers even more doesn’t sound great, but what else is there? Spot. Spot’s a new startup founded by Wes Hather and Gordon Hempton, co-founders of Outreach. No word on who they’re specifically targeting yet, but it’s a software that will *somehow* act like that office home-base.

The co-founders emphasize wanting to create a work environment user interface that fosters culture, values, personality and interaction. Is that really possible? It remains to be seen. So far, it’s just the two coming back to their startup roots without any funding, just their true, entrepreneurial spirit.

If you don’t know Outreach, it’s a billion dollar startup that sells sales automation software started by Andrew Kinzer and Manny Medina. So, the two definitely know how to create a home-run company, but merging the physical office environment with the digital is a tricky one.

Does this sound like something that will catch on or do you think everyone needs to get over the WFH optimization trend? Hit reply. We’d love to know.

Chocoholics Die and Go to Heaven

Imagine being able to print your own chocolate whenever you want, however you want?

No sweet tooth? What’s wrong with you!? Kidding, of course, but if you have one, this is the dream you’ve been waiting for.

Cocoa Press was founded by Evan Weinstein, who was fascinated by 3D printing and got hung up on cocoa nibs (what chocolate is made from), even though he has no sweet tooth.

Pennovation Accelerator gave him some funding while in school, which is a nice slap in the face to Hershey who made an attempt at a 3D chocolate printer. Guess what happened… they ran out of money for that side project.

Not only will Weinstein be able to sell this to consumers (his current machine is only $5,500), but to commercial chocolatiers as well. And it is a lot cheaper than the (roughly) $57,000 most chocolate shops spend on their equipment.

Do you think 3D printers are going to become staples in our households in the next five years? Hit reply and give us your predictions!

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