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Eh, Who Needs a Store Anyway?

Or rather, a storefront. Apparently, business owners aren’t too hip on having a brick-and-mortar, physical store anymore. Bluehost, the website and marketing provider, just released a survey that showed most small business owners have fully transitioned online or created e-commerce stores. 

Almost half of all business owners said brick-and-mortar is out (aka they don’t need one anymore) and that being fully online is in. Only about 20% surveyed said they were going to reopen a physical store location in 2021. 

The stats are there to back up majority opinion: online store revenue is up by 49% while physical store revenue is down by 61%. Yes, we’ll bounce back to our “new normal” eventually, but with over 50% of owners planning to remain online-only, who the hell knows what this will look like. 

Will we just see new businesses open up in the retail locations owners are currently getting rid of? Or will we see these former shops put to use as fulfillment or distribution centers? Hit reply, we’d love to know your thoughts!

Coding Made Easy

Wait… there’s an alternative to AWS, Google Cloud and Azure that requires zero DevOps!? 

Yes, folks! Render is saving the day and is already used by companies like Stripe, 99designs and, to name a few.

Render just raised $4.5 million in seed funding, bringing their total investment to $6.75 million. General Catalyst led the round and they’ve also got a bunch of angel investors, like Elad Gil and GitHub’s Jason Warner backing them.

Render’s a shining star right now, especially because there aren’t a lot of solutions for code writers out there that make writing code, well, simple. They don’t want to have to deal with maintenance or servers or hiring DevOps teams, they just want to do what they do best (oh, don’t we all). 

Render is growing their team and headed for a Series A raise in 2021. We can see them growing much faster than expected because this is a solution needed by endless amounts of code writers in different verticals.

Are you a code writer? If so, what do you think about Render’s service? Hit reply and tell us if it’s up to your standards.

You Need Soil to Plant the Seed

Something else that’s trending with venture capitalists right now is pre-seed funding — aka “soil investing”. It’s risky, but Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian and Katelin Holloway, former head of people and culture at Reddit, have just joined a new firm called Seven Seven Six that’s down for the ride.

Holloway is interested in helping startups dig into culture-work from day one so they know how to be agile during political uprisings and civil rights issues. Seven Seven Six is all about the inclusivity, too, focusing on investing in startups that have unrepresented founders like women and people of color… although they aren’t an “impact fund”. 

ICYMI, Reddit had a sh*tload of crises back in 2016, from user revolt to the ousting of Ellen Pao (their chief exec at the time), and tons of employees leaving, which is what Holloway helped turn around. She grew the company from 70 to 650 employees and wants to do much of the same with these startups. 

They’ve got a program called Growth & Caregiving, too, that gives even more capital on top of every check written dedicated to the founder’s family care and personal growth. 

Pretty sweet deal, huh?

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