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$2 Mil In Two Weeks

I haven’t even raised two million in two years. Gotta take some notes from Cindy Bi. Cindy’s most known for her feat of starting and selling a hardware business all while working FT at Accenture. Full of spit and vinegar, she then convinced her job to let her tap into their evergreen fund and invest in tech startups and she’s even invested $400K of her own cash into six funds and 10 startups.

Okay, so clearly investing is in her blood because she’s now got 100 investments in her portfolio (three of them being unicorns) and is launching Rolling Fund – CapitalX.

Which is how she got $2 million in two weeks. Pays to have a good network, huh?

It’s a great opportunity for small-time limited partners who want to invest in startups and innovators that are being overlooked. 

What’s Cindy’s gameplan? To invest $1.5 million each quarter into pre-seed and seed rounds.

VC backed founders, self-funded founders, senior execs, young tech professionals, driven people with IRAs… they’re all welcome! All Bi cares about is raising capital and raising it fast. Hmm… sounds pretty founder-friendly, don’t you agree?

GoT Isn’t Founder-Friendly

Maisie Williams, best known for her role as Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, was full-on launching a company called Daisie amidst filming the HBO show with a cult following. (Please, save your comments and despair about the ending for someone else).

Maisie and her cofounder Dom Santry would have talks at 11pm at night after Maisie had been filming for over twelve hours. The company launched this May as a community for creatives to network, build confidence and find their dream job. 

The product fit is great, but Maisie had some insecurities to overcome. She’d never run a startup before or even envisioned owning her own company, plus she had the same fears every actor has: will anyone care about me after my show is over?

So far though, the startup seems to be working. They’ve raised $3 million from investors, have a fitting team and generated over 100,000 users three days after launching.

Maisie’s learned a lot about the hurdles of running a startup, like staying focused when the pressure’s on, keeping a calm composure to get buy-in from investors, and demanding a good night’s sleep if that’s what you need to show up fully and present. 

What have been your biggest learning lessons as a founder? Hit reply and share with us!

Tesla Can’t Takeover The Sea

But Zin Boats can. No one’s really paying attention to turning the boating industry into one that runs off electricity which is why Zin Boats, a Seattle startup, is sailing ahead (get it…) with their electric boats.

They kind of look like silver bullets and are mostly carbon fiber, with their 20-foot Z2R halfway lighter than the majority of other 20’ boats out there.

Owned by Piotr Zin, who’s been optimizing racing sailboats for decades and also worked for BMW (hence the sleek design), the company was started after moving to a houseboat in Seattle and realizing that our next generation might not have the same waterways to play in.

Fun fact: electric boats have been a thing since the beginning of the 20th century, but they slow AF like golf carts. It kinda takes a lot more power to move a boat than a car (go figure) which is why no one has pushed hard to innovate it until Zin.

But… since lithium-ion batteries got cheaper, Z2R’s use BMW batteries and a custom engine while being able to recharge even in an ordinary wall. Boats have never been known to be fuel efficient, so being electricity-efficient is jaw dropping.

Oh, and for all you boat nerds out there, their top speed is waaaaay over 30 knots. The Zin is kind of pricey (but hey, so is a Lamborghini) and definitely for the affluent who are also eco-friendly. Just like Tesla, though, we’ll surely see this come down in price and racing across a lake near you.

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